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What This May Look Like

Consultation is one-on-one or with your team.

How I help

One-on-One Partnership and Collaboration to Empower You to:

  • Achieve your goals.
  • Maximize your strengths as a leader.
  • Identify strategic growth opportunities in your leadership development.
  • Get more from your team.
  • Focus on what matters most.
  • Stay on track.
  • Get more done every day.
  • Engage in wellness that works.
  • Build your diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility skillset.

Team and Workplace Assessments

Focus groups, facilitated retrospectives, and one-on-one interviews help you:

  • Assess the current state of your team.
  • Enhance communication and team engagement.
  • Set meaningful and relevant goals.

Consultation Specialties

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA)
  • Leadership Development
    • Women Leaders
    • Women in Medicine
    • Women in Psychology
    • Career Transitions
    • Career Planning
  • Medical Settings
    • Integrated Care
    • Behavioral Health Consulting
      • Direct Observations with feedback
      • Video Reviews with feedback
    • Evidence-Based Practices/Mental Health Topics
    • Resident Communication and Professionalism Skills
      • Struggling learners (those on remediation or probation)
    • Wellness/Burnout/Compassion Fatigue/Moral Injury
    • Retreat Planning
  • Organizational Performance/Development
    • Team Dynamics
    • Interpersonal and Group Processes
    • Effective Communication

A Selection of Previous Professional Presentations

Being an Ally.
Demystifying Promotion.
Evidence-Based Cognitive Behavioral Strategies for treating Depression and Anxiety in a Primary/Integrated Care Setting.
Getting involved in State and National Leadership.
Health Behavior Change with Social Determinants of Health.
Hold On, Let Me Overthink This: Managing Anxiety.
In the Corner and Outside the Box: Strategies for Teaching Creatively and Revamping Role Playing.
Performance Anxiety and Stress Management Strategies.Psychologists in Primary Care: Considerations on Integrating Behavioral Health Care and Reviewing Treatments for Depression and Anxiety.
Reframing Negative Thinking.
Residents and Risk: Substance Abuse, Depression, and Suicide.
Supervision and Consultation in Health Psychology.
Understanding and Recognizing Microaggressions and How to Respond.


Based upon your goals, we may meet one time, a select period of time, or on an ongoing basis. We will collaborate on what will best meet your needs.

How We Do Our Work

We will meet through teleconferencing video. Team, Group, Organizational consultation may be negotiated to occur in-person, as needed.


Organizational Consulting

Get In Touch

I am available to speak to you, your association or organization about mental health, wellness, and more.

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