Beach and sand for reflection and rest in self-care and wellness in coaching.

What This May Look Like

I empower women to feel they can change or leave systems in which they feel less than. 

We’ll work together one-on-one for 50-minute appointments, after an initial 30-minute goodness of fit meeting, where you’ll be able to focus exclusively on you in the comfort of your home or office (or anywhere else that’s private and confidential) using a secure teleconferencing platform.

I work with coaching clients in over 40 states.

Pursue self-enrichment and achieve your goals through reflection on your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Using a strengths-based approach we will identify values and opportunities for growth. We will have a strong focus on your goals and desired coaching outcomes.

How I Help

  • Write that journal article.
  • Compile your dossier for promotion.
  • Ask for a salary increase.
  • Run for a leadership position.
  • Achieve your goals.
  • Develop in your leadership style and skills.
  • Improve your wellness.
  • Navigate and facilitate team spaces.
  • Pursue meaningful educational opportunities.
  • Streamline your work tasks.
  • Advocate for yourself and others through a diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility lens.

What The Research Says

Coaches with an academic background in psychology and/or the social sciences of human behavior are more effective in terms of facilitating greater increases in coachees’ self-awareness and job performance.
(Bozer, Sarros, and Santora, 2014; Grant and O’Connor, 2019)

Coaching Specialties

I support women in their:

  • Processing experiences and engaging in self-care around diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility issues in professional settings.
  • Pursuit and navigation of leadership positions at work and in professional associations. This includes leadership development coaching for women leaders, women in medicine, women in psychology, career transitions, and career planning.
  • Self-advocacy and career achievement in professional/medical settings. We focus on your specific needs related to wellness, burnout, compassion fatigue, and institutional moral injury.


I am dedicated to helping my clients be empowered and to do so quickly. I find that 6-8 appointments is often what we need, though we’ll collaborate to develop a plan that’s specific to you.

I work with women clinicians through various stages of their career. Whether you’re starting out in your career or thinking about retirement in the next few years, I understand that there are unique challenges that present at each of these career stages. Clients must be older than 18 years of age.

How We Do Our Work

I currently work with coaching clients in PSYPACT Participating States.

Get In Touch

I am available to speak to you, your association or organization about mental health, wellness, and more.

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