I help women who feel less than discover how they are more than enough.

You deserve the quality and thoughtful care that you provide to others.

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Is self-doubt or a feeling of needing to be perfect eroding your confidence? Are you feeling the strain of balancing caring for your patients, completing documentation, navigating insurance, while caring for yourself and those you love? Do you know how to do self-care, but struggle to feel deserving of actually fulfilling the self-care plan?

Woman medical leader advocating and speaking up for herself in a meeting.

Do you compare yourself to others and then feel less than? Are you frustrated trying to navigate leadership hierarchies and broken healthcare systems? Have you been treated negatively or unfairly based on your personal diversity factors (e.g. sex, gender identity, race)?

Women often carry the emotional labor at home and in the workforce, leading to anxiety and burnout. We work in systems that do not embrace diversity, equity, inclusion, or accessibility. The biases women face at work can carry into home life and even the beliefs they have about their abilities or worth.

Start changing your life today.

Boost your confidence and self-advocacy, in all areas of your life.

Authentically live your values at work and home.

Challenge your negative thoughts, ask for a raise, put yourself in the running for a leadership position, speak up in meetings without apologizing, and set limits on tasks that do not move you toward your personal and professional goals.

A Bit About Me

Dear Strong Woman, You are not intimidating. They are intimidated. There is a difference.

Dr. Julie Radico doctor of psychology, board certified in clinical health psychology, coach, and consultant.
Dr. Julie Radico

My name is Dr. Julie Radico.

I am a coach, speaker, consultant, author, and board certified clinical psychologist. I've worked for 10 years in academic medical systems. I speak the lingo and understand the pain points of faculty, clinicians, medical learners, and administrators.

We will create a safe space for some real talk, so you can bring your raw feelings and colorful language.

My mission is to help support and empower you to advocate for yourself in both personal and professional settings, and to help you create a self-care routine that is realistic and attainable. Strengthen your voice without changing who you are.

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Coaching helps when you want to build on your strengths to overcome a specific obstacle and to recognize and reframe negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are interfering with your aspirations. Coaching provides ongoing accountability and support as you identify and pursue a self-enrichment goal in your professional or personal life.

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Therapy (Limited Slots Available)

Limited tele-therapy appointments slots may be available to adults located in Pennsylvania or New Jersey. Therapy focuses on identifying diagnoses and using Cognitive Behavioral Strategies to improve client's coping.

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Areas of Focus Can Help You To

  • Build confidence.

  • Achieve personal and professional goals.

  • Stay on track by learning skills for time management.

  • Start setting boundaries with coworkers around hours, duties, and expectations.

  • Stick to boundaries around your role in the home and on house tasks.

  • Say “no" by overcoming feeling undeserving or guilty.

  • Navigate tough conversations.

  • Advocate for yourself in professional spaces.

  • Speak up on issues related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.

  • Find and thrive in leadership positions at work and in professional associations.

  • Break down barriers, so you can engage in personal wellness.

  • Advocate for wellness within systems.

  • Engage in evidence-based strategies for coping with anxiety.

  • Process professional or personal grief and loss.

Are you a leader and need help assessing, educating, and effectively engaging all members of your team?

Woman leader on medical team talking with resident learners and medical students.

Consultation and Training

Success depends on the quality of your relationships and I can help you build and harness your relationships with the people on your team.

I will work with you to identify how we can best work together as this may be one-on-one, with your team/group, or through trainings.

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Areas of Focus

  • Improve resident and faculty confidence and knowledge through education on behavioral/mental health topics.

  • Communicate better as a team and recognize areas for improvement through organizational performance/development.

  • Provide well rounded patient care through integrated care models.

  • Get more from your team through leadership development.

  • Invest in clinician wellness and performance through addressing burnout/compassion fatigue/moral injury.

  • Demonstrate valuing your team through education on diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA).

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